Jason Tran Consulting (JT) is a professional land use planning and design consultant specializing in viable planning and design, rural and urban planning. JT is established in Spring of 2014 and in Edmonton, Alberta. Our new, small but dedicated firm provides consulting services for rural, urban clients in both the public and private sectors throughout Alberta and mainly West Central.

Our Philosophy

Plan Now and Plan Right is our philosophy! To do proper planning and to do it right is a challenge. It is better to do it right and do it right now rather than do it when it had to be done. Plus, doing it now and right will save time, money and headaches.

Rural Planning

Protecting agricultural land and day to day operations are often the main goals for rural municipalities. Therefore, planning in rural area involves recognizing the unique cultural, social, economic, development and environmental features that must be reproduced in the complex planning process.

JT experiences will provide the necessary background to deal with the extensive of planning concerns or issues in the rural municipalities. JT is very effective in communicating with diverse rural populations while keeping their best interests in mind. JT will do what it takes to be successfully in working with rural municipalities and to address the need of all communities e.g. First Nations, private developers and so on.

Land Use Policy

JT will work with rural and urban municipalities and provincial departments to create land use and development policy documents ranging from intermunicipal development plans to area structure plans. JT knowledge of enabling provincial legislation, best practices in other jurisdictions and group facilitation allows us to develop effective policies to address today’s complex planning challenges.